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ACEs to Resilience the TAT Way

2020 International Energy Psychology Conference |  Learning Labs
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ACEs, or adverse childhood experiences, hold many of us down our whole lives. Learn the TAT® way for healing ACEs with TAT® Founder, Tapas Fleming. Experience the fun of your personal transformation and newfound resilience. Find out if this is your ticket to boundless happiness.



  • Identify 2 adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).
  • Identify 2 typical behavioral outcomes of ACEs.
  • Name and locate 2 acupressure points used in the TAT® process.

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Tapas Fleming's Profile

Tapas Fleming

Tapas Fleming, LAc, a California licensed acupuncturist, created a simple technique (TAT®) that can gently and easily reduce stress, end limiting beliefs, and greatly enhance presence. One of the most celebrated leaders in energy psychology, Tapas has taught TAT to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

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