Intro & Keynote: Trauma Body & the Brain: Synchronicity, Rhythmicity & Play in the Healing of Trauma

Openness, attunement and embodied self-awareness are essential keys to healing from trauma. Trauma is not a story of what has happened in the past. When overwhelming experiences continue to be lived out in heartbreak and gut-wrenching sensations, trauma survivors feel unsafe, on edge, ashamed and shut down. Healing and transformation occur when survivors learn to restore an embodied sense of safety and reclaim a loving relationship with themselves.

Effective therapies start from a basic sense of calm and safety. Through neuroscience and body-centered approaches, you will learn how to help your clients restore a sense of visceral safety, befriend themselves, and fully engage with the present.

Discover how the brain is shaped by experience in this program that explores

Explore the capacity of EMDR, yoga, energy psychology, sensorimotor practices, theater work and neurofeedback to help your clients overcome a traumatic past and regain the capacity to be fully alive in the present. 



  1. Discuss how traumatized people process information.
  2. Delineate how attachment and attunement are disrupted by trauma.
  3. Describe how body-centered approaches can alleviate traumatic re-experiencing.