Radical Regeneration: A Spiritual Map for Navigating Worldwide Challenges

Andrew Harvey will present the central vision of the new book (written with Carolyn Baker), Radical Regeneration. Drawing on his own mystical experiences and on the work of great evolutionary mystics such as Bede Griffiths and Sri Aurobindo, he will show that we are now in a destined global dark night whose deepest meaning and purpose is to birth a new, embodied, divine humanity. He will go into great detail about the dark night process to help you understand how to align with its devastating clarities and laws so as to allow divine grace to support you in the next level of your evolution.​

You will learn how a new order can be born out of chaos, and a fine and rugged hope can be engendered out of confusion and despair. Andrew will also offer transformative practices and radical inspiration from the great masters of transfiguration, Rumi and Kabir. 



  1. Describe a map of the meaning of our global dark night crisis.
  2. Empower people to take the path of divine embodiment.